Our Services

Support with daily living

We can help if you need additional assistance to continue living an independent life of your choice. We can help with:

  • Personal Care
    • - Good hygiene
    • - Grooming
    • - Dressing
    • - Showering
    • - Toileting

  • House Work
    • - Thorough cleaning
    • - Gardening
    • - Shopping
    • - Pet care
    • - Paying bills
    • - Laundry
    • - Anything else that needs doing around the house

  • Respite for you or your family and carers
    • - Taking a break to look after your own wellbeing
    • - Emergency relief

  • Transport
    • - Visiting community and social events or family and friends
    • - Errands
    • - Appointments (medical or other).

  • Getting out and about and fitness
    • - Walking
    • - Exercising
    • - Reading
    • - Any activity that you enjoy

Wellbeing is an important aspect of health and vital for a healthy, happy life. We can collaborate with you to ascertain the level of support, services and hours required for you to achieve wellbeing in your life.

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Respite and Holiday Support

We realise the challenges and complexities of being a Carer.

Supporting and caring for a loved one is rewarding however the challenges can add up over time. Taking time out to look after yourself is a worthy pursuit and vital to your wellbeing and as a result to the wellbeing of your loved ones.

We offer respite support that allows carers to take a break from their caring role while their loved one is in the sure hands of our capable and experienced support personnel. We can take clients to community/social outings, allowing carers to tend to the house and for clients to enjoy an event they enjoy. Alternatively, we can provide in home respite to allow carers to attend activities outside of their home.

We can deliver a vast range of support services while providing respite. We will collaborate with you to ascertain what services and supports will be most value to you and your loved one. Whichever your choice during respite care, we can provide in home care, personal care, community outings or good company.

To arrange respite care:

  1. Call us to discuss the current situation as well as the client’s needs and choices. We can then organise an in home consultation
  2. At the in home consultation our experienced co-ordinators can conduct an assessment based on your needs and choices, explain how we can help, answer questions and provide you with a quote and a care plan

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Support Coordination

Our support coordinators can collaborate with you to evaluate, plan and implement a range of supports and services to help you or your loved one to live a life that you choose, that increases independence, capacity, health, wellbeing and social/community participation

We understand the importance of open and consistent communication between support co-ordinators and clients/carers/family members. Through consistent communication we ensure there is always a mutual understanding of our client’s care requirements and choices. As things can change we also ensure via regular communication that the services our clients are currently receiving are in line with their needs, wants and choices.

This service can be of great use for clients and their families where they are time restricted or unsure how to access and organise supports, services, aids and equipment together as well as manage relationships with medical staff and services providers. This service can also be of great use for clients who do not currently have family support.

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Technology Support

VPS have dedicated and experienced staff who work with clients to identify and reach their goals to use technology for recreation and communication/community participation.

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Community Activities

We can support you in participating in a variety of activities and help you to develop your life skill, interests, health and wellbeing.

This could include painting, photography, yoga, swimming, trips to the movies, shopping and further education – it is up to you!

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